Corporate events on a yacht.

Corporate events on a yacht.

It is well known fact that if you want your employees work well, you need to maintain their corporate spirit.

We will hold corporate events on sailing yachts for you.

There are two way of corporate events:

- A Classic relaxation

- Active Team Building

Classic Relaxation  - This is corporate event, which you reward your employees for their good work. You are together celebrating their victories in the field of labor and raise corporate spirit of your employees. They become more argumented for new achievements!

On the yacht, we will spend a pleasant voyage from several hours to several days.

The price starts from 300 Euro. 2 bottles of champagne as a gift.

Active Team Building - This corporate event aimed to unite and collect your employees into a single, tending to victory team.

Games and competitions, interesting challenges, active competitions - will make from ordinary people a powerful team of associates.

Possible options from several hours to several days.

Price from 500 Euro, including expenses for prizes and organizing of competitions.

Event is possible on yachts Albatros, Iemanya, Natalia, Sparta

Clothing:: The sea temperature is always lower than on the ground. Evening time the temperature goes down.We recommend you to take warm clothes. If you stay In cabins it is warm, but if you would like to spend more time on the deck, it is better to wear something warm. Warm and waterproof clothing.

Shoes: On a yacht you can't walk in regular shoes and high heel shoes. When you entering the yacht you will have to take off your shoes. Or you can take comfortable and clean shoes with non-marking soles with you.

Food & Drinks: Yachts are equipped with kitchen. You can take food and drinks with you. If you want you can cook them the using cooker. It will be better if you will take dishes with you. You can make an order in a restaurant, if you want.


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