Non Study!!! Sailing trip "New Year Holidays in Turkey"

1 200 EUR
1 400 EUR
03.01 – 17.01.2018

1200 euros 2 weeks
6 places
Vacations with the possibility of training
Christmas adventures with a touch of romance. Delicious cuisine. Fresh air and cozy bays.
January is a wonderful time for rest and training.

Bavaria 44
4 cabins, 2 toilets

We will start from Marmaris. And we will first go to the East, and then to the West
Marmaris - Ekincik - Sarsala - Fethie - Gocek - Sarsala - Ekindcik - Bozburun - Selemiye - Orhaniye - Dirsek - Soyut - Marmaris

1st day. 3 January
Check in the boat. Acquaintance with the boat and briefing. Purchase of food.
In the evening we will have dinner.

2nd day. 4 of January
The passage Marmaris-Ekindcik
We will come in a charming bay drowning in greenery. Over the landscape the designers worked well.
The bay is decorated with imitations of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, ruins, roads of trolleys, etc.
In the evening we will have a competition of knowledge of Soviet comedies.

3rd day. 5 of January
The passage from Ekindcik to Sarsala

In the morning we leave the cozy bay to go to the most delicious lamb on the coast.
According to our order, it will be cooked in oven for at least 6 hours. And to our arrival, it will fall off itself from bones and
melt in your mouth. For dessert we will be served with hot halva with apples. It is incredibly delicious and delicate desserts,
complemented by aromatic Turkish tea and strong Turkish coffee.


The bay itself is very secluded. There is no lead roads. At night time there is no illumination of the city and the stars are shining particularly brightly.
In the morning sunrize will incredibly colour out the tops of distant and nearby mountains.

4th day. 6 of January
In the morning we'll have a fun sports competitions. And after that we will go to the city of Fethiye.
Here you can visit the Lycian tombs, which are located right in the city. In the evening we will celebrate Russians Christmas!
We will have dinner at the fish market. Fresh fish, and fresh seafood which will be choised by you and cooked right in front of you!

5th day. 7 of January
From Fethiye we will go to Gocek
A small charming town of the Turkish coast. A lot of restaurants in conjunction with the shops with local handmade souvenirs.
And also carpets, textiles and much more. Evening coffee in the local pastry with baklava and other oriental sweets
will fill our dinner with a special oriental flavor.


6th day. 8 of January
We can return to Sarsala, or go to another bay, or stand on a buoy in one of the bays.
We will do as we like!
Göcek Bay is distinguished by the presence of wind and the absence of a wave.
In the afternoon we will practice with sails, learn how to sail different courses, and learn how to set up sails.


And in the evening - dinner from the Captain! And a competition for the knowledge of songs.

7th day. 9 of January
Passafe Sarsala - Ekindcik
We will stay in marina at the other end of the bay to explore the local surroundings.
Walk in the mountains and enjoy the charm of boundless orchards.
In the evening we are waiting for a new competition.


8th day. 10 of January

At this point we will finish our eastern part of journey and turning to the western part of our route. We are going to Bozburun.
The town is sheltered in the depths of bays, coves and mountains. Local vessels of Gulet are produced here.
We will have a walk around the streets, and in the evening we will have a competition for the best dish from the crew members.


9th day. 11 of January
Bozburun - Selemiye


Our way will run between the different islands, they are the remains of guard towers and even the ruins of an ancient convent
Selemiye is a place where the local elite rests. Secluded scenic bay with the best restaurants.
The bay is located in the depths of the Gulf of Hisaronu. Those who wish can take a walk in the mountains and visit the ancient fortress.

10 th day. 12 of January
Selemiye - Orhaniye


In Orhanye Bay there is a spit that extends deep into the sea. Using it you can walk on water like on dry land, as in the movie "The Diamond arm."
Near the village there is a picturesque waterfall, where you can stroll on foot.

11 th day. 13 of January,
In the morning we will start forward on the return journey..
We will go to the wonderful bay of Dirsek. You can pass it and not notice this. It is well sheltered by surrounding rocks.
Inside the clear waters of the Aegean Sea washing the remains of the ancient stone pontoon, built in the days of ancient Rome.
Even now it is using for mooring.
In the evening we meet the Old New Year.

12th day. 14 of January
Dirsek - Soyut


Soyut - is an amazing village. It is scattered around the surrounding mountains and by it's area resembles more a town .
There are many small guest houses, in which turkish people prefer to relax in the silence of the bustling city, far from the tourist bedlam.
Fruit orchards and olive groves. Lost in the mountains and caressed by the sea and the sun, it will permeate you with the spirit of tranquility and solitude.

13th day. 15 of January
Soyut - Marmaris.
We are returning to the Marmaris. Chek out of the yacht. In the evening, we will have a farewell dinner.

14 th day. 16 of January
Under certain weather conditions, the route can be changed.

We recommend you to take with you warm clothes and waterproof clothing.

In the daytime the temperature is + 10 ° + 20 °, at night time around + 5 °..
Water temperature is arround + 16 ° + 18 °

1200 Euro per person

What is included in the price:
Accommodation on a yacht in a 2-person cabin.
Skipper-Instructor services.
Bed linen and towels
Mooring fees
Final cleaning of the yacht
Deposit for the yacht

Flight ticket ~ 25,000 rubles
Transfer 40 euro per car 2-3 people Dalaman - Marmaris, Marmaris - Dalaman
Skipper Food
Food of the team
Personal expenses of each participant.

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