Sailing trip "New Year Holidays in Turkey"

январь 2018-l.jpg

From 03 to 17 January of 2018.
Amazing trip with great amount of fun, competitions and rest
Holidays is the best time for vocation
2 weeks
Price 1200 euro. 

Trips from Riga

Riga - is the beautiful city on the Baltic Sea,
warmed by the northern capricious sun!

Yacht trips on the Daugava River,
Riga Sea Gates,
Sunset in the sea, Corporate events…

You have a party, birthday, wedding, hen or stag parties, corporate events
or may be just a great mood
Spent a good time on a yacht! Relax and enjoy nature in your company!
We offer trips on sailing yachts «IEMANYA», "Albatros",
"Sparta" and sailing schooner "Natalia".
Price from 70 to 500 €

Riga Sea Gates


Trip on a sailing yacht to Riga Sea Gates and back.
Go out to the sea. Enjoy the landscapes.
If you want you can swim in the sea.
Price from 140 Euro.

Sunset at sea


Have a good view of the sunset at the sea. Enjoy the incredible colors
of the sunset from board of a sailing yacht.
Enjoy the incredible colors and the charm of sunset,
watching it from the board of a sailing yacht.
Price from 200 Euro

Corporate events on a yacht


You want to reward your employees for their fruitful work,
or generate a team of adherents from your employees.
We will carry out corporate events on yacht for you
in an elegant or active style.
Price from 300 Euro.

Trip on a yacht in Lielupe river


Spend a wonderful day on the yacht, go sailing to the sea,
visit picturesque river, swim and take sun bath...
Make your holiday  pleasant and unforgettable!
The minimum duration of the walk in Lielupe - 8 hour
Price from 300 to 500 Euro

Ruhnu Island


Anyone who have ever been on this island, wants to come back here again.
Incredible beauty. The purity of nature, feelings, sensations.
Island for relaxation and unity with yourself.
Interesting architectural monuments. Enjoy the privacy with your friends.
3 days.
Any date from 05.05.2017 to 27.10.2017

Price 400 Euro per person, full boat 900 Euro max. 4 people

Trip to Roya or Mersrags


Do not get bored in town. Spend a weekend at sea.
Feel the taste of real life in the sea.
Any date 3 days from 05.05.2017 on 27.10.2017
Price 300 per person, full cabin € 600 max. 4 people

Trip to Salacgriva or Kuyvizhi


Go sailing to the Baltic Sea. Feel the fresh wind and sea wave.
Dip into the world of charming town.
Any date 3 days from 05.05.2017 on 27.10.2017
Price 300 per person, full cabin € 600 max. 4 people



Visit the cities and islands of Latvia, Estonia and Finland.
Enjoy the beauty of sunrises and sunsets in the sea.
Enter the city sea elements winner. 3 Capitals during 1 week.
1 week from 06.05 - 21.10 to 05.13.2017 - 28.10.2017
Price 800 Euro per person, full cabin 1500 Euro. max. 4 people

Baltic Islands


Saaremaa, Ruhnu and Kihnu. Fishing and cycling.
Exciting excursions and sea adventures.
Barbecues on the nature and national rustic kitchen.
Visit three islands during one trip.
1 week from 06.05 to 21.10.2017
Price 800 Euro per person, full cabin 1500 Euro. max. 4 people

Sailing voyage to Stockholm


Sailing voyage for those who want to experience
himself in interesting sailing trip and want to solve
navigation problems on the entrence to the Stockholm.
Capital of Sweden is waiting for us with its beauty and
amazing museums. The country of ancient Vikings and trolls.
10 days from 06.05.2017 to 21.10.2017
Price 1000 Euro per person, full cabin 1800 Euro. max. 4 people


Prices for Sailing trips
from Riga and training.


For everyone who want to learn how to sail the yacht and get
International certificate. In the future to rent a Yacht
all over the world, traveling with his family and friends,
our sailing school provides training on international ISSA system
at the level of Inshore Skipper -
The captain of a coastal voyage of the yacht.

There are 2 options of study:

Theory. Riga, evening classes and practice in the sea – 1 Week
Theory and practice at the same time on boat - 2 weeks

You can register for a free seminar "Introduction to yachting"

Inshore Skipper Theory

Theory 40 hours. 10 days 4 hours per day
Price 350 Euro.

VHF radio operator theory and practice


Sailing school Sunlight Sailing conducts course
in VHF radio operator.
Course duration 8 hours (1-2 days) + Exam.
Certificate included.
Price 150 Euro.

Inshore Skipper practice Riga


1 Week
Price 700 Euro.

Inshore Skipper Turkey practice


1 Week
Price 950 Euro.

Inshore Skipper Practice
Europe, Mediterranean Sea


1 Week
Price 1250 Euro.

Inshore Skipper theory and practice Riga


2 weeks
Price 1000 Euro.

Inshore Skipper theory and practice in Turkey


2 weeks
Price 1400 Euro.

Inshore Skipper theory and practice in Europe,
the Mediterranean Sea

Athens Alimos marina1.jpg

2 weeks
Price 1900 Euro.

Offshore Skipper Theory


Price 350 Euro.

Offshore Skipper practice Riga

1 Week
Price 1000 Euro.

Offshore Skipper practice Turkey


1 Week
Price 1200 Euro.

Offshore Skipper theory and practice Riga


10 days
Price 1200 Euro.

Offshore Skipper theory and practice in Turkey


10 days
Price 1400 Euro.

Mooring under sail Riga


3 days
Price 300 Euro.

Mooring under engine Riga


2,5 days
Price 300 Euro.

Operation sailing yacht single-handedly


3 days
Price 500 Euro.

With the navigation on you


5 days
Price 500 Euro.

Diesel engine:
The device, common problems
and their solutions


3 days
Price 500 Euro.

Cooking on a yacht


1 Week
Price 500 Euro.

Introduction to Sailing


4 hours

In our school you can also pass through the various courses which increas
your captain's level. We provide training on all levels of the system,
including the specialized and professional.


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