Trips from Riga

Поход на Куйвижи или Салацгриву  с 05.05.2017 по 27.10.2017
3 дня
300 евро с человека
Пройтись по Балтийскому морю. Ощутить свежий ветер и морскую волну. Окунуться в мир очаровательного латвийского городка. 
3 дня Любая дата с 05.05.2017 по 27.10.2017 300 евро с человека, полная каюта 600 евро макс. 4 человека

Trip to Salacgriva or Kuyvizhi

3 days

Go sailing to the Baltic Sea. Feel the fresh wind and sea wave. Dip into the world of charming town.

300 Euro per person, full cabin € 600 max., 4 people

Летний поход выходного дня по Балтике

Цена 250-400 Евро

Baltic Islands

1 week

Saaremaa, Ruhnu and Kihnu. Fishing and cycling. Exciting excursions and sea adventures. Barbecues on the nature and national rustic kitchen. Visit 3 islands during 1 trip.

800 Euro per person, full cabin € 1500 max., 4 people


1 week

Visit the cities and islands of Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Enjoy the beauty of sunrises and sunsets in the sea. Enter city sea elements winner. 3. Capitals during 1 week.

800 Euro per person, full cabin 1500 Euro, max. 4 people

Sailing voyage to Stockholm

10 days

Sailing voyage for those who want to experience himself in interesting sailing trip and want to solve navigation problems on the entrence to the Stockholm.

Capital of Sweden is waiting for us with its beauty and amazing museums. The country of ancient Vikings and trolls.

1000 Euro per person, full cabin 1800 Euro, max. 4 people


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